Learning Plan

My Learning Plan is the outline of my graduate study. It consists of four sections — Area of Focus, Personal/Professional Context, and Competency Areas — alongside a cover page (which I’m not posting, because it includes private information, such as my advisor’s phone number.) Note that my learning plan is still unapproved and is thus very much a work in progress. A draft of my current anticipated schedule is available here.

Table of Contents:

Part one includes a Focus Area Explanation,” where I explain what this cybernetics thing is that I’m studying and it features ample references to Andrew Pickering’s The Cybernetic Brain; that subsection includes a list of cybernetic resources, but I will be posting a better and continuously updated list of resources I’m collecting on this site soon. Finally, part one also includes a brief history of tshe field which I’m intending on expanding significantly throughout the course of my study. I’ll post it here when its complete.

Part two includes a bit of background information about who I am and how I got here, as well as an outline of my personal and professional goals and finally a summary of where and how I intend to apply these ideas in my life. It may be mildly interesting to some.

Part three includes an outline of the nine classes” I’m creating for myself as I embark on my graduate program. It probably isn’t terribly interesting to anyone other than myself but I’m posting it here anyway. Part four is simply my plan for culmination. It’s not complete yet.